Our Company

Cyberpacket Technology Consulting provides information technology and cybersecurity services that are driven by practicality and industry best practices. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality helps organizations achieve and often exceed goals. We have experience across a number of verticals in the private sector and the various levels of government. Cyberpacket is a strong advocate of information security and ensures all engagements prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information systems.

Cyberpacket's mission is to make information technology (IT) simple, secure, and effective.
To become a trusted IT & Cybersecurity services leader and partner.
The latest trends and newest technologies are not always the answer. While we pride ourselves in our experience and deep understanding of technology we understand and appreciate the importance of simplicity. We prioritize common-sense when helping our clients overcome challenges and satisfy business needs.
Professionalism is not dead, at least not at Cyberpacket. Being courteous, on time, meeting and exceeding expectations, and being honest is at our core. We believe there is a great deal of satisfaction in a job well done because a job well done produces work we can be proud of.
When clients engage us they are seeking knowledge, competency, and most importantly results. As consultants the burden is on us to know our craft and give our clients expert guidance. Showcasing our knowledge of industry buzzwords doesn’t solve problems, the measured and precise application of knowledge, skill, and experience is what is truly effective.